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Coaching Education

The OYSA encourages all coaches to view the new US Soccer Digital Coaching Center (DCC). Through the DCC, coaches can take all Licenses, create a coach profile, download the US Soccer Curriculum and build practice plans with access to a library of age-appropriate soccer activities.

A new "soccer year" will begin on September 1, 2019. That means ALL coaches must complete a new round of training to be eligible to lead our players in training sessions and games. ALL items must be complete BEFORE September 1, 2019. Any OFA volunteer that has not completed ALL courses/training's by September 1, 2019 will not be cleared for practice or game participation.

Included below is the list of the REQUIRED courses/training's for the 2019/2020 soccer year.

OFA requirements:

  1. All coaches must register online with OFA  with our registration site. REGISTER
  2. OYSA Background Check:
    Step 1: Enter or follow this link for Background Checks:

    Step 2: Select Fall 19-20 from the "Select a Season" drop down menu on the left.
    Step 3: Enter your existing User Name and Password or create a new account
    Step 4: Follow the steps to complete the registration process.
    Step 5: Call or email OFA once this process is complete.

  3. Heads Up Concussion Course:
    Step 1: Enter or follow this link for Concussion Course:

    Step 2: Enter an existing or Create a New Account
    Step 3: For new accounts, Follow the link provided in your email to access the course
    Step 4: Complete the Heads Up Concussion Course
    Step 5: Email your completed certificate to OFA at


  4. Safe Sport Mandatory Reporter Course:
    Step 1: Enter or follow this link for SafeSport:

    Step 2: Enter the access code:

    ****Select U.S. SOCCER & Please call for access code at phone number 541-471-1099****

    Step 3: Complete the Safe Sport Course

    Step 4: Email your completed final certificate to OFA at

    *The Safe Sport Mandatory Reporter course is brand new as a requirement this year and the first time through this course will take approximately 90 minutes. All subsequent annual Safe Sport renewals will be an abbreviated version of this initial course.


OFA will provide:

  1. Support in preparing practice itineraries & organizing team communication
  2. A piece of OFA gear each season
  3. Team training gear/equipment, to include cones, soccer balls, etc.
  4. Professional administrative support